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Radical Firearms Customer Services is your first point of contact for all general inquiries relating to our products or service.

Email us with any warranty claims: customerservice@radicalfirearms.com

Please be advised, a small refundable shipping fee will be charged to all submitting warranty claims before an RMA return label is issued. Please contact Radical Firearms customer service with all warranty claims and for further assistance.

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*ATTENTION* DO NOT use Remington UMC ammo in any of our firearms!


General F.A.Q.

1: What is .223 Wylde and what ammunition can I shoot?

.223 Wylde chamber is used on .223 caliber rifle barrels to allow them to safely fire either .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. This chamber was designed to exploit the accuracy advantages of the .223 Remington chambering without problems concerning over pressure or compromising the functional reliability of semi-auto firearms like the AR-15 family when using 5.56×45mm NATO military ammunition

2. Why did I receive a 5.56 magazine with my 300 Blackout rifle?

300 Blackout was designed to feed out of a standard 5.56 magazine. They also share the same bolt carrier group.

3. What magazine do I have to use for my specific caliber? I'm having feeding issues.

5.56- Standard 5.56 magazine

300 AAC Blackout- Standard 5.56 Magazine

6.5 Grendel- caliber specific magazine *

6.8 SPC- caliber specific magazine *

.22 Nosler- 6.8 SPC Magazine *

.224 Valkarie - 6.8 SPC Magazine *

.450 Bushmaster- caliber specific magazine

.458 Socom- Radical's Big Bore Magazine D&H 12.7x42

12.7x42- Radical's Big Bore Magazine D&H 12.7x42

7.62x39- Caliber specific magazine (Radical Recommends 20rd magazine)

*Caliber can also use 6.5 Grendel Magazine if one cannot find a 6.8 magazine.

5. What are your uppers and lowers made of and are they mil spec or commercial patterned ?

Our uppers and lowers are 7075 aluminum and are milspec patterned.

6. What buffer tube is used on your products?

Depending on the product it can be one of the following.

Carbine Stock- Mil spec carbine tube

Rifle stock- A2 rifle style buffer tube

Pistol- Round pistol Tube

7. I'm using a suppressor will your products work with suppressors?

Yes, our products will work with suppressors, however it is recommended that a gunsmith range rods the upper and suppressor to insure there will be no baffle strikes.

8. I ordered a nickel boron BCG. Do I still need lubricant?

Yes, you need to still lubricate the firearm, but minimal lubricant is needed as the coating helps retain lubricity.

9. I just bought a Radical Firearms upper/firearm what is the first thing I should do.

First check the barrel to confirm caliber as always with any firearm regardless of manufacturer. Clean the firearm well before heading out to the range. Check for any obstructions or leftover packing oil possibly in barrel bore.

10. I'm getting light strikes with 7.62x39.

Russian/ steel cased ammo has harder primers it is recommended to purchase brass ammunition.

11. I'm having accuracy issues with a barrel what should I do?

Verify barrel is clean. If it is clean then one should proceed to try different types of ammunitions as manufacture quality will vary from company to company. If no changes are seen Radical does warranty accuracy issues.

12. I Live in the state of Maryland...

The following profiles from Radical Firearms are classified as heavy barrels: Medium, SOCOM and HBAR

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